How Many Books Are in the Bible?

When you hold a Bible in your hands and look through
its pages (or check out the contents page in the front),
you see that the Bible is a collection of 66 books—a

A Library with Two Sections
There are 39 books in the first section. This section makes up about three-fourths of the whole library. It’s called the Old Testament.

There are 27 books in the second section. This part makes up
the last fourth of the library. It’s called the New Testament.

A Library That’s Easy to Use
Besides having only two parts, this library of books in the Bible is easy to use.
So that you can quickly find your way around, nearly all of the books are divided into chapters; and all of the chapters are divided into verses.

To find something in the Bible, all you have to do
is look up its reference—just like you look up
an address! For example, the reference Genesis
1:1 means look in the book of Genesis, chapter 1
(that’s the big number on the page in the Bible),
verse 1 (that’s the small number on the page in
the Bible). It’s that easy!