God’s Big Story

Did You Know?


The Bible is one book, one story, one history—HlS story, God’s story. All the stories in the Bible — from Adam and Eve to the very end—fit together to show us God’s great plan for our world and for our own lives. The Bible tells us what God wants us to know about Himself and His plan for us. This exciting, true story is God’s story. It’s an adventure story you won’t want to miss!


What’s in the Story?

Within this adventure story, you’ll get to

* investigate the creation of the universe!

* check out narrow escapes and courageous showdowns!

* discover what God did with heroes, villains and ordinary folk!


All that (and more!) happens in the Old Testament part of the Bible.


Then, with the flip of a few pages, you will

* meet evil kings and powerful leaders!

* come face-to-face with an angel who opens prison doors!

* find the Person who will make your whole life different!


Now we’re talking about the New Testament part of the Bible.


Here’s a picture of what God’s Big Story looks like: